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 Version 0.3.4

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PostSubject: Version 0.3.4   Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:40 pm

* Feature - The privacy policy can be accessed in the game now.

* Feature - You cannot withdraw armies that are stationed in allied or occupied towns into an own city that is occupied or that has a blocked harbour (apart from if it is on the same island) via the military screen.

* Feature - Garrisons can only be partially withdrawn from a battle now.

* Bugfix - When pillaging inactive players the secure storage capacity was incorrect (0,75% instead of 1%)

* Bugfix - An error in the highscore calculation of future research has been fixed.

* Bugfix - An error that led to a white page when trying to delete a town has been fixed.

* Bugfix - When a trading post was demolished, the sale offers in the trading post remained.

* Bugfix - It was possible to send out spies, even when no more gold was available.

* Bugfix - Fighting against an opposing superiority did not lead to a correct morale deduction.

* Bugfix - `Unknown Loca-Function`- error has been fixed. The corresponding texts are now shown correctly. However, this is not valid for town messages that were sent before this version.

* Bugfix - If no more units were alive in a battle next to the wall, both sides lost. From now on the defender will become the victor.

* Bugfix - If both sides cause the same damage or suffer the same losses during a battle round, it will be treated as a new case on the morale changes display.
In the case of same losses: `As the losses were equally high on both sides, the attacker will receive a morale deduction of 50 points.`
In the case of same damage: `As the caused damage was equally high on both sides, the attacker receives a morale deduction of 50 points.`

* Bugfix - It was possible to carry out a `Ping attack` with a long distance fighter and an auxiliary unit.

* Bugfix - Battle report display error fixed.

* Bugfix - Character set error in the Facebook welcome e-mail fixed.

* Bugfix - An error that led to wrong battlefields or battlefield sizes has been fixed.

* Bugfix - The defender ALWAYS receives a battle report, even if he does not have any troops in the first round or all his troops die in the first round.

* Bugfix - Players that have been in vacation mode for longer than 30 days are automatically taken out of it.

* Bugfix - If a player`s maintenance costs are faulty, they will now be corrected once a day.
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Version 0.3.4

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